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  • Siemens Turkey Website Content Management
  • Profilo Website Content Management
  • Katia & Bony Web Site - Web Updating and development
  • Euroasia Tunnel Museum - Information kiosks interface
  • Peugeot Turkey Website Content Management & Technical Support
  • Kahve Dünyası Web Site - Web Updating and development
  • Shaya and its brands Sturbucks, The Body Shop etc. web development, web updating, content management
  • Toyota Turkey Website Content Management
  • Adım Adım web site, wordpress customisation, content management
  • IPZ 2009, 2010, 2011 web site, wordpress customisation, content management
  • Content management for Red Bull Turkey
  • Peugeot's online magazine Peugeot Emag web site, wordpress development, content management
  • Kentpark AVM
  • Doğanay Group
  • Petrol Ofisi Web Site - Web Updating, SEO, Web development
  • Groupe Seb, brands Tefal, Rowenta, Moulinex, Krups web updating, copywritting
  • Bizim Mutfak (one of the brands Ülker). Content management, web updating and development
  • 90turk online campaign for Coca Cola, content management


CSS2.1 / CSS3
JavaScript / Ajax
jQuery/Dojo / MooTools / Prototype
HTML5 Boilerplate
YUI Library
CSS Frameworks / Resets
HTML and CSS Specifications (W3C / WHATWG)
UX / Usability
Website Speed / Performance
Debugging Tools (Firebug, etc)


Responsive Web Design
Mobile Web Development
Mobile Web Performance
Cross-Browser / Cross-Platform Development
Document Object Model (DOM)
Cross-Browser Bugs and Inconsistencies (primarily IE6-8)
HTML5 APIs (Canvas, Geolocation, Video, etc.)
Back-end Templating languages/technologies (PHP, Ruby, .NET, etc)


CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc)
Functional Programming
Data Formats (e.g. JSON, XML)
Internationalization / Localization
Content Strategy
Offline Web Apps
Regular Expressions
Basic .htaccess
Image Editing Tools (Photoshop, Fireworks, etc.)
Web Font Embedding / Licensing
SEO Basics


  • Digital strategies and communication for brands
  • Inbound Marketing (Certified)
  • Shopify development (Certified)
  • Wordpress themes
  • Tumblr themes
  • Many content management systems
  • Each platform (desktop, mobile, web) user interfaces
  • Content management
  • Content editting
  • Copy writting
  • Blogging

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